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Our Story

Why we built Breeze

The context

Time is the most precious asset and in today's world it is very common to be coordinating with someone else or a group of people to arrange a time for a casual meeting, a business meeting or a 1:1 session with a client.

There are a bunch of tools that are solving the problem of meeting scheduling, but we've seen many of those tools highly complicated as they start evolving towards complex frankensteins that some basic users like us don't want to continue using.

We believe time scheduling should be simple and for everyone, a person shouldn't need to be technical savvy to have their calendars & agenda automated with a tool that saves their time.

There are now many people that work in services and charge for their time (psychologists, lawyers, freelancers) and they have mentioned to us unique needs for a tool — which we're solving with Breeze.

Our solution

Breeze is a simple web application that connects to your Google Calendar and helps you manage your time scheduling. You can create event pages and share links with any person in the world, they can look at your free slots and then schedule time with you, you both receive notifications and the meetings are automatically scheduled with links for the virtual call.

This looks like any other solution, but:

  • Breeze is super simple: we are only integrating the key necessary components so it is fast and easy
  • It's personal: you can customize your page with backgrounds, colors and event photos
  • It's convenient: you can configure different availability preferences so you can use it for work and for personal activities
  • It's helpful: you can open your calendar and select several time slots you're available and then generate a simple copy/paste version of that so you include that in the emails you will send out.

Why now?

Everyone needs a time scheduling solution, we are using Breeze with our friends, to schedule cleaning services, and to interact with many other services that require time scheduling.

There is a high number of professionals that are joining the digital creator economy and they always start with time-based activities (like classes, advising sessions, etc) — Breeze is here to help with that, we have great features coming to help anyone manage better their time and their client base for having better recurring income.

We hope you enjoy Breeze! Thanks for your support.

— Written by Bernardo, Mauricio, Hector & Breeze Team.

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