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Call scheduling, the easy way

Connect with your Google account in one click

Authorize Breeze so it can help you manage your Google Calendar.

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Page Customization

Personalize your event page and time preferences

Set your page and personalize how you want people to schedule time with you.

Share the link with anyone who wants to meet you

Your scheduling page is now yours! Now you'll manage your calendar easily and save a lot of time.

Event Page

Easy appointment scheduling and all your links together

Use Smart Copy to booking calls quicker and configure all your online presence links, including WhatsApp

Smart copy

Book calls quicker

Share quick suggestions to guests with Smart Copy via email or chat. Copy and paste individual call booking links to avoid back and forth and save time!

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Connect with WhatsApp

Add a WhatsApp button to your booking page so anyone can contact you if you need it. Set up your phone number and activate WhatsApp to connect it.

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WhatsApp link
Bio links

All your links in one place

Set up all your online presence links so potential guests can learn more about you before a booking. Connect your audience with all your content with just one link.

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Upgrade to Premium and unlock more

Connect multiple calendars, create unlimited events and more by upgrading to Premium

Your own style

Your own style

Customize your booking pages to match your style. Each booking page can have their own background, theme and hero image - make it your own!

Personalize your page
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Unlimited events

Create as many events as you like for any occasion or purpose - you can choose Zoom or Meets for any and set different availabilities for each. Same goes for your Teams!

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Unlimited Events
Team Scheduling

Team scheduling

Set up Teams so a specific group has their own dedicated event and corresponding booking page, common to everyone.

Schedule with your Team
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Link all your calendars

Connect all calendars you may have to better control your time. Overlapping your calendars with Breeze
will also avoid conflicts or overbooking.

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Link all your calendars

Track your Booking page

Integrate Facebook’s Pixel or Google’s Tag to measure inbound traffic or any campaigns you may set up.

Create a Booking page
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Automate moderation

Automatically confirm events with specific guests while having new ones go through your approval. Set buffer times between calls to have added time for breaks.

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Simplicity: only those features you need.



Create as many pages with your own URL.


Video call integration

Your guest will receive an invite with a link for the call.



Manage events, contacts and schedules.

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