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Hello world!

Post by Breeze Team

Time goes like a breeze, and we couldn't wait to build a product together.

Hey there! I'm Bernardo, and it's great to meet you.

Breeze got started as a simple idea, as a group of friends, we wanted to build a product together, but we didn't really know what to build.

I met Mauricio a long ago when we worked together at Tuenti, a spanish social network. There, I was a PM and Mauricio was a software engineer. Nowadays we are founders of our own companies, but we kept our conversation going for years, supporting each other... and, we always thought it'd be cool to build something some day.

Time passed, and in 2021, I met with Mauricio, Hector, and Sergio to start working on an idea. Hector and Sergio have worked with Mauricio building tech products, and we all wanted to invest spare time in a new product. We always think side projects are a nice way to learn modern technologies and... being makers again, that sounded fun!

The idea

We were sure we wanted to build something, but what?

Whenever we wanted to have a call to discuss about our ideas, the first thing we had to do was to schedule the time for the call (well, obviously) - because we are in different time zones... some of us had a Calendly link, others didn't... there was clearly a friction here, but we didn't think about solving this at first because there are many companies building similar products.

However, we started to talking to other people and we learned that many people don't use scheduling apps because they are complicated, or expensive, or feel impersonal for their use cases. They were open to try these tools but only if those worked like a breeze, both at the configuration level and for the guests.

We realized competing with huge companies that build these products is not the best idea, but we also agreed that we are passionate about proper time management and scheduling and in the end, we can build a product for a very specific niche of users that don't need a highly advanced and complicated tool, but rather, just a scheduling page with a few configuration options, aiming for simplicity.

Why it matters now?

Work is going digital, nowadays there are psychologists, lawyers, and many other professionals that are working remotely and digitally more than ever before, and the need for meeting scheduling solutions is growing.

We're building with a different angle: Breeze is a product for the creator economy, for people like us, that use time as part of the services they provide. We can't wait to show you what we're building next here.

Enjoy Breeze, we hope you love the first version and can support us.