Calendly & other products do not offer an AI Copilot for your website · Breeze is unique 🙌🏻

The AI Assistant for booking more sales appointments

Close more deals and spend less time scheduling calls
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Easy scheduling

Easy meeting scheduling

Schedule sales calls and demos in a breeze. Prospects can choose their availability without the back and forth and effort of choosing a common time to meet.

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An AI Copilot living on your website

The Breeze's AI Copilot widget will be on your website, ready to assist visitors. This chat widget is optimized to help your prospects schedule a meeting.

🤓 It qualifies the leads.
🎯 Good leads are guided to book a meeting.
👎 Bad leads are redirected to generic forms.

Take your sales to a new level
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Bio links

Booking + Content in one

Set up all your online presence links so prospects can learn more about your product before booking.
Connect booking with all your content under one link.

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Page customization

Set your own background, cover photo and theme colors to customize your booking page. Keep your brand on theme and make Breeze yours.

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Page Customization
Fast booking

Fast & easy
call booking

Event for works or personal projects

More meetings with
automated scheduling

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Track views & conversions
on your booking pages

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Adaptable to your
sales process

Act fast to win more deals

Meet with qualified prospects as soon possible without wasting time on scheduling. Close more deals with less effort while Breeze does the heavy lifting.

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Easy meeting invites

Use the smart copy feature to send prospects personalised emails for when to book time. Make it easy for leads to book with one-click with custom links for each option.

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Even Page Breeze
Fast booking

Google Meet

Event for works or personal projects

Zoom Video Call

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Or provide your instructions

Automatic Zoom and Google Meet links

Breeze connects with your Google Meet or Zoom account and inserts links automatically in any scheduled event to save you time.

It's quite useful!

Great tool

I used to work with Calendly in the past, but the tool felt over complicated and a bit expensive for my simple needs. I gave Breeze a try and I'm in love with its simplicity. I like when tools offer only the necessary features and are simple.

Angela's Photo
Sales, Bambú

Easy and nice support

This software is very intuitive and you can do your self-configuration without friction, then when I needed support in terms of billing and other technical questions, the team was there to respond very quickly.

John's Photo
Software developer

It helps me manage my clients

I used to manage all my patients agenda manually. Now that I'm using Breeze I'm saving around 2 hours per week and my clients are happy about having a more modern process.

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